Old School if you’re feeling more leisurely. Perhaps Lunch Lady with a little Extra Credit for more adventure, or some middle ground with PB&J. Any of those options will get you to the finish line from the top–but be sure to ride the newly completed Trail 10 down to the School Yard first. 

Trail 10 begins at the top of Pilot Hill, and ends at the bottom in the School Yard trails, the miles of trail systems beyond Willitt or Crow Drives. 

Pilot Hill, Inc. announced earlier this week that the single-track trail, which has been a work in progress, is now complete. 

Beginning at the top offers stunning views of the Laramie Valley; Pilot Hill Inc. says “You would never know such a beautiful canyon exists on the property.” 

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Though for the newly-opened Trail 10, Pilot Hill Inc. warns bikers the last-to-be-completed middle section is a bit soft, so be cautious on corners and think “heavy” thoughts as you ride.

The 7,000-acre section of land that connects Pilot Hill to town offers a variety of trails and an even better variety of scenery. Easy, medium, and hard trails showcase limestone cliffs, aspen groves, pine paradises, and some treacherous ravines. 

The Pilot Hill recreation area connects Laramie neighborhoods to almost nine square miles of open space in the foothills and to over 65,000 additional acres of National Forest Lands in the Laramie Range.

The Pilot Hill recreational area parcels are owned by the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Office of State Lands, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  The Pilot Hill properties are collectively managed by the non-profit Pilot Hill, Inc., in partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

To see a map of the trail system or to learn more about the Pilot Hill Recreation Area, visit the site here. 

Potty Painting Party

The US Forest Service Laramie Ranger district decided to prettify its potties. The restrooms at two highly used camgrounds in the Medicine Bow National Forest near Vedauwoo were chosen to showcase "Responsible Recreation" themed art.

Gallery Credit: Nicole Sherwood

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