Laramie residents will have the chance to voice their opinions on the possible closure of 15th Street next week.The University of Wyoming has released the schedule of listening sessions regarding the possible closure of 15th street.

The listening sessions, which will be conducted by the Associated Students of UW and Laramie city officials, will be held at a number of different locations on the UW campus and across Laramie.

The sessions are scheduled as such:

The meetings will all be open to the public and the UW and Laramie communities are encouraged to attend.

The public will be able to comment on the possible closure, which UW and the City of Laramie are discussing at the direction of the legislature. During the 2017 Legislative session, the Joint Appropriations committee added a footnote to the university’s budget, which directed the university and the City of Laramie to discuss the possible closure of the section of 15th street, in order to unify campus and protect pedestrian traffic. The university and the city must report the results of their discussions, including the potential costs and impacts, to the Joint Appropriations committee by Nov. 1, 2017.

UW and City of Laramie officials have already met on the issue, once during the Board of Trustees meeting earlier this month.

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