The PRCA Rodeo highlighted Laramie Jubilee Days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Winners took home a healthy pot of money and a great new buckle.

Bareback Riding

Tie 1st place: Matthew Smith of Leesville, LA (83)

Tie 1st place: Morgan Heaton Paradise, UT (83)

3rd place: Morgan Wilde of McCammon, ID (82)

Tie 4th place: Richmond Champion of The Woodlands, TX (80)

Tie 4th place: Heath Ford of Slocum, TX (80)

Tie 4th place: John Collins of Sheridan, WY (80)

Steer Wrestling

Tie 1st place: Wade Sumpter of Fowler, CO (4.1)

Tie 1st place: Dennis Hepp of Kaycee, WY (4.1)

3rd place: Wyatt Johnson of Hoyt, CO (4.9)

4th place: Kyle Broce of La Juna, CO (6.1)

5th place: Stockton Graves of Alva, OK (6.2)

Tie Down Roping

1st place: Joseph Parsons of Marana, AZ (9.9)

2nd place: Jake Pratt of Ellensburg, WA (10.1)

3rd place: Ryan Watkins of Dublin, TX (10.6)

4th place: Jade Lyon of Meadow, SD (10.7)

5th place: Josh Peek of Pueblo, CO (10.9)

Saddle Bronc Riding

1st place: Heith Allan DeMoss of Heflin, LA (85)

2nd place: Ty Thompson of Wanblee, SD (81)

3rd place: Spencer Wright of Milford, UT (78)

Tie 4th place: J.D. Johnson of Tremonton, UT (76)

Tie 4th place: Lyle Welling of Crawford, NE (76)

Team Roping

1st place: Ty Blasingame of Ramah, CO and Matt Zancanella of Aurora, SD (4.8)

2nd place: Arky Rogers of Lipan, TX and Walt Woodward of Stephenville, TX (4.9)

Tie 3rd place: Chad Masters of Cedar Hill, TN and Randon Adams of Logandale, NV (5.1)

Tie 3rd place: Rowdy Rieken of Arp, TX and Chad Harper of Prattsville, AK (5.1)

5th place: Tyler Wade of Terrell, TX and Tyler McKnight of Wells, TX (5.1)

Barrel Racing

1st place: Michelle McLeod of Whitesboro, TX (16.81)

2nd place: Victoria Williams of Kiln, MS (17.05)

3rd place: Pamela Capper of Cheney, WA (17.47)

4th place: Sabrina Ketcham of Yeso, NM (17.53)

Tie 5th place: Timi Lickley of Jerome, ID (17.60)

Tie 5th place: Kim Schulze of Larkspur, CO (17.60)

Bull Riding

1st place: Jason Beck of Prarieville, LA (82)

2nd place: Steve Woolsey of Payson, UT (79)

Tie 3rd place: Tate Stratton of Kellyville, OK (77)

Tie 3rd place: Wyatt Gregg of Highmore, SD (77)

Tie 3rd place: Bart Miller of Oshkosh, NE (77)

Steer Roping Round 1

Tie 1st place: Cody Lee of Gatesville, TX (11.0)

Tie 1st place: Troy Tillard of Douglas, WY (11.0)

Tie 1st place: Cody Thompson of Whitewood, SD (11.0)

Tie 4th place: J. Paul Williams of Burbank, OK (11.5)

Tie 4th place: Rod Hartness of Pawhuska, OK (11.5)

Steer Roping Round 2

1st place: Chet Harren of Pawhuska, OK (9.5)

2nd place: JoJo LeMond of Andrews, TX (10.5)

3rd place: Wade Shoemaker of Greeley, CO (10.6)

4th place: Landon McClaugherty of Tilden, TX (11.0)

5th place: Rocky Patterson of Pratt, KS (11.2)

Steer Roping Aggregate

1st place: Chet Harren of Pawhuska, OK (21.5/2)

2nd place: Cody Lee of Gatesville, TX (23.1/2)

3rd place: Mike Chase of McAester, OK (23.2/2)

4th place: Chance Kelton of Mayer, AZ (24.9/2)

5th place: J. Paul Williams of Burbank, OK (25.2/2)