LARAMIE – Many trees and shrubs are leafing out for spring. Heavy snow could collect on the leaves putting a tremendous weight on tree limbs.

Here are a few suggestions that, if followed, may benefit you and cause a lot less grief.

Do not park vehicles or other equipment under large trees. Avoid walking and driving under trees laden with heavy snow. If trees on your property or on the right-of-way abutting your property have broken limbs falling onto the street, alley or public sidewalk, and if you are able (please keep your safety in mind first), clear the limbs out of the right-of-way. Otherwise, make arrangements to have the limbs removed from the street, alley, and sidewalk.

If there are any utility lines including electrical, cable, or phone that are down due to tree limb breakage, stay away from the tree limbs and downed lines, and contact the appropriate utility provider. For electrical lines, call 1-877-508-5088.

In an emergency please call 911.  Smaller trees can have the snow gently brushed off limbs to avoid damage.

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