We love living in Laramie, but no community is perfect, especially when it comes time to get behind the wheel.

Not everyone here is a bad driver, but there can be..ahem.. well let's say there can be issues.

For example, winter driving is no joke when you are 7200 feet above sea level in Wyoming. That's just part of living here, but that doesn't mean we always enjoy it or that it doesn't pose problems.

Another problem is drunk driving. It's a big problem across the state, and Laramie isn't exempt by any means.

That's especially true during football or basketball games, and it isn't just Laramie residents. Lots of fans come from around Wyoming, and, sad to say, they don't always drive sober. Even if they aren't drunk, there are a lot of them and they aren't always great drivers, nor do they always know our streets well. We appreciate the money these folks spend in our businesses, but they can be a challenge in traffic.

Of course, there are the usual driving hazards that you see everywhere. People running red lights. Speeders. And just some folks who you have to question how they have driver's licenses at all.

Then there are school zone violations. Putting our children at risk by speeding or passing parked school buses that are picking up kids shouldn't happen. but we all know that it does.

Finally, there is street construction and renovation. It has to be done, but that doesn't mean it doesn't pose some hazards at times, or at least major inconveniences.

So what do you think the biggest hazard is when driving in Laramie? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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