With the 2021 school year getting underway or already underway across Wyoming, we thought this might be an appropriate time to ask about the biggest issues facing local schools.

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Obviously, COVID-19 had a big impact on state schools last year, with districts across the state going to remote learning. With the resurgence of the pandemic due to the highly contagious Delta variant, perhaps you think that is the biggest issue?

Related to COVID, of course,  is the issue of face mask mandates that districts across the state have been wrestling with. A recent school board meeting in Cheyenne revealed some strong opinions on that subject, and similar discussions have been had across the state.

Then again, Wyoming's long-term school funding challenges continue to loom, as the legislature, in the opinion of many, simply 'kicked the can down the road' in its 2021 session, with the Wyoming House and Senate unable to come to an agreement on a funding solution.

Critical Race Theory is a hot topic not only in Wyoming but across the nation. State Superintendant Jillian Balow has spoken out against CRT, but many parents suspect that teaching of the theory is being or will be introduced through textbooks or other means. But supporters of CRT say it's important to honestly teach the nation's history, in which they say racism has played a central role. Opponents say CRT is really Anti-American, and in some cases, racist.

Or maybe you think schools are being asked to deal with too many social issues instead of just teaching academics? Or perhaps you think the biggest issue is something else entirely?

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