Officials are saying that a bomb threat received today on a Casper Walmart didn't amount to much.

The threat was made against Casper's East-Side Walmart location, however, there was no evacuation of the facility.  Another bomb threat was made against the Walmart in Laramie Tuesday afternoon, which did lead to an evacuation at that store

Sgt. Lyle Berg of the Casper Police Department said that investigation showed that the Casper threat didn't add up.

"We had a bomb threat at the Walmart, East." says Sgt. Lyle Berg.  "The threat didn't correlate to any information that we had or that Walmart had.  As a result of that there was no evacuation.  There was nothing done."

Officials from the Laramie Police Department said that The Office of Homeland Security as well as The F.B.I. have been notified.

The Laramie P.D. says that the F.B.I. said there were similar threats around the country.

The investigation is on going.


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