Many of us watched the ball drop on New Year's Eve with champagne in hand; but few of us were spending that time to think over a significant milestone that was passing us by.

As of January 1, 2012, Wyoming hunters and anglers were in need of new licenses.  Hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for 2012, as well as conservation stamps are presently available at local license selling agents throughout the state and they can even be bought online by clicking here!

Fishing regulations for 2012-2013 are also available at license selling agents and the Wyoming Game & Fish Department also reminds you that for regulation changes new this year, check information regarding the water you intend to fish.

Also- when you buy your 2012 licenses, WGFD also encourages you to donate to the AccessYes program. Last year, anglers were able to enjoy Walk-In access to roughly 5,000 lake or pond acres and more than 100 miles of streams.  Additionally, hunters were given access to 3.58 million acres of land.

All donations to the AccessYes program are used for purchasing access and for every dollar donated to AccessYes, the access program provides more than 4 acres of access.

An additional note from the WGFD regards hunters and anglers who have lived in Wyoming continuously for at least 10 years.  Those meeting this classification can purchase a lifetime game bird/fish/small game license, or a lifetime fishing license.

Anyone can purchase a lifetime conservation stamp, regardless of their continuous time residing in Wyoming.

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