Laramie City Council approved a conceptual plan for a new gazebo to be built at Undine Park to house community events, and will be available for Laramie citizens to reserve for private events.

The new structure is expected to be a 40 foot octagon with the availability to seat 150 people. The proposed area in which the gazebo will be erected is between the current playground and splash pad structures.

The Undine Park Gazebo project was initially started by the Friends of Undine Park to recreate the historic gazebo seen in photos of Undine Park taken in the 1920s. Before disbanding, Friends of Undine Park raised nearly $11,000 for the project. The funds have been given to the City of Laramie, which has taken over the project.

Construction is expected to begin after approval of a final budget, which is expected to come in the 2017 fiscal year.

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