An order signed on June 15 requires visitors to the developed recreation sites on the Medicin Bow-Routt National Forests must comply with a forest order which requires proper storage of food that might attract bears.

This order is necessary to minimize adverse interactions between bears and humans. USDA Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and Wyoming Game and Fish coordinated to put the order in place.

Items that attract bears include food and beverages, garbage, BBQ grills and stoves, cooking utensils, pet food and dishes, game meat and carcasses, fish and bait, toiletries, and bug spray.

According to the Forest Order, unless food is being prepared for eating, being eaten, being transported, or being prepared for acceptable storage, it must be stored in bear-resistant containers or inside vehicles in sealed containers while in a restricted area.

Any harvested animal carcass must be acceptably stored, and be at least 100 yards from a developed recreation site if hung.

Developed recreation sites include campgrounds, day-use sites, visitor centers, and picnic areas.

Visit the Wyoming Game & Fish webpage for more information on how to be "bear aware".

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