Her five-year-old son is recovering from the attack.

Do you ever hear those stories about mothers and their superhuman abilities? When a woman gives birth, she becomes a super hero. Seriously. They develop cat-like reflexes, psychedelic intuition, and ungodly strength.

I swear a mother can lift a car up if it meant she would save her kid's life.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Moms (and dads) are amazing. This story is more proof of that.

A mother in California fended off a mountain lion that had attacked her son.

JHaviv, ThinkStock Images

According to USA Today, her five year old was playing outside of their home. He was near a tree when a mountain lion pounced on him and began to drag him away. The large feline made it about 45 yards before the boy's mother got there.

She began to punch the mountain lion with her bare hands.

Eventually she was able to wrangle her son free and get him to safety. He is recovering in the hospital from traumatic head and torso injuries. However, he is alive and authorities are heralding his mother as a hero.

There's not a lot that a mom wouldn't do for her kids. Parents are incredibly selfless and would lay down their lives for their children if needed. I don't want to speak for this woman, but if it came down to her life or her son's life, I believe she would give up her own.

You don't go fighting mountain lions like this without that kind of love coursing through your veins.

What to Do If You Come Across a Mountain Lion

According to the National Park Service, there are things you should do if you happen to cross a mountain lion's path.

1. Stand up straight, face the lion and stay calm

2. Keep your distance and give the lion space to escape

3. Do not run away, but rather back away slowly while maintaining eye contact

4. Don't crouch down or bend over as this may make you look like their prey

What to Do If a Mountain Lion Approaches You Aggressively

1. Make yourself appear big by raising your arms or opening up your jacket

2. Slowly wave your arms and speak in a loud, firm voice

3. Without bending over or turning around throw things in the direction of the mountain lion, showing it that you are a threat

4. If it keeps coming at you, throw things at it

Should a mountain lion attack you, fight like heck. Use anything and everything you can get your hands on to defend yourself. As you can see from the story above, you can be successful in fighting off a mountain lion.

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