If you've never heard a mountain lion scream while camping and/or hunting in the wild, you're missing out. Wait. Maybe you're not. A Wyoming hunter shared blood-curdling cat screams he heard while hunting something else and the responses are hysterical.

This video was captured years ago even though I just came across it today. It's a Wyoming hunter crouching behind brush with a buddy who grabs his phone to record the intense screaming in the distance. Make sure your sound is turned up for this one. The sound is the reason this has been viewed nearly 5 million times since it was first shared.

I thought I knew what a mountain lion scream sounded like. I was very wrong. The responses on the YouTube video over the years are now almost as entertaining as the video. Here are several of my favorites:

Giuliano Napolitano - "YOU HAVE STARTLED THE WITCH"

SQUISHY JACK - Me: "Sleeping in my tent having a good night. A mountain Lion: I'm about to end this mans whole camping trip"

Joeyblondewolf2 - "Sounds like my cat while giving him a bath."

KaleKain - "Here it is, honey. Just like I told you. The wilderness of the New World. Untamed, undeveloped, just waiting to be explored and marveled at!"

Luis Yurrr - "Sounds like Mr. Bigfoot and Ms. Bigfoot are having a babyfoot"

Skeptic - "Sound like my wife doing wax."

N.S. Angling - "When the missus comes home and sees the $300 fishing rod I just bought"

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I could go on and on. Seriously just go to the hunter's YouTube channel and you can laugh for hours.

As for me, this is as close to a real mountain lion scream as I'd prefer to get.

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