After a structure fire on Sunday that completely destroyed a storage shed, members of the Mike Sedar BMX Parents Association have launched a GoFundMe page to help offset the costs of damage to the structure and the loss of numerous parts of equipment, including bikes, helmets, trophies and more.

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According to the group's GoFundMe page, "Early morning on Sunday June 27, Mike Sedar BMX track suffered a structure fire. This storage building was storage to not only our everyday track maintenance tools but so much more. All of our loaner strider bikes, loaner helmets, as well as boxes and boxes of trophies were in the building. There were also brand new roll up doors for our new snack shack that we have been working on. This is a devastating loss for our non profit track."

JB Sorensen, the Vice-President of the Mike Sedar Parents Association Board, stated that while all of the equipment is replaceable, it will cost nearly $20,000 to replace everything.

"We lost around 20 helmets, and I think 5 Strider bikes (balance bikes)," Sorensen said. "We like to provide a lot of the loaner bikes and equipment to kids so that if they want to come and try out the sport, they can."

Sorensen said losing the doors, and the trophies were hard, but losing the equipment they loan out to children is the most devastating aspect of the fire.

"Losing the stuff that we loan out so that kids can race, now that they don't have that stuff, it's kind of the big deal for us," he shared.

Sorensen said that the structure itself was worth about $9,000 and that the loss of equipment and supplies totaled close to another $10,000.

"Twenty helmets, if we have to go buy them all - you know, a decent helmet is probably $115 a piece, and the windows and the doors that we had were close to about $2,000," he said. "Trophies are expensive too and I couldn't even tell you how many of those we had in there."

The GoFundMe is asking for $20,000 and has already raised almost $2,000, given by 15 donors at the time of this writing.

The page states that "Any donations will go directly to the track to replace what was lost. On behalf of the all of the friends, riders, and families of Mike Sedar BMX, we thank you for anything and everything that is given for the recovery of items lost in this fire. Please also watch Mike Sedar BMX facebook page for any updates on other ways to donate or other ways to help! Thank you all!"

To donate, simply click on this link.


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