Laramie Mayor Brian Harrington has filed to run as a Democrat for the Albany County Commission.

As of the close of business on May 28, Harrington was the only Democrat to file for the commission seat that is on the ballot this fall according to the Albany County Clerk's election page.

He joins Republicans Chris Cleven, Troy Heien, and Julie McCallister. The candidate filing period will end on Friday, May 31, so more candidates may yet jump into the race.

Harrington's term as mayor ends in January. Harrington was elected to the city council from Ward I and also serves as mayor of the city. His term expires in January.

Wyoming's Primary Election is scheduled for August 20. The General Election will be held on November 5.

List of Candidates Who Have Filed For Local Office

Here are the candidates who have filed for local offices in Laramie and Albany County as of the end of business on May 28:

State Representative 13

DEM Ken Chestek

REP Shane Swett

State Representative 14

DEM Trey Sherwood

REP Joe Giustozzi

State Representative 45

DEM Karlee Provenza

REP Paul Crouch

State Representative 46

REP Ocean Andrew

State Senator 10

REP Gary E Crum

REP Keith Kennedy


DEM Brian Harrington 307-272-9903

REP Chris Cleven 307-760-4704

REP Troy Heien 307-760-3172

REP Julie McCallister 307-343-3663


William Bowling 307-314-2205


Brett Kahler 307-259-5165

Brett Glass 307-745-0351

Laramie City Council Ward III

Matt Lockhart 307-761-2254 13-1

It's worth mentioning that under Wyoming law, city council and mayoral elections in Wyoming are non-partisan, meaning candidates are not nominated by a political party as is the case for other offices.

Instead, the top two vote-getters in each race for those offices advance to the general election.

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