A man charged with possession of a controlled substance will has received a split sentence of one year in the Albany County Detention Center.

Charles Lang Reno, 37, will complete either outpatient treatment or intensive supervised probation after his release from the detention center.

Reno was arrested on Sept. 29, 2016 after and Albany County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over Reno’s vehicle on Third Street for expired registration.

The deputy allegedly smelled marijuana after approaching the vehicle, so he searched the vehicle.

Inside the car, the deputy found an empty syringe and two spoons with suspected heroin residue in them. In the back seat, the deputy allegedly found just less than 10 ounces of marijuana in a black grocery bag.

The deputy also allegedly found a compartment behind the car’s stereo. Inside was around 10 grams of methamphetamine in crystalline form as well as a little more than a gram of black tar heroin.

Albany County Judge Tori Kricken said that while her initial instinct was to give Reno the full sentence, but that defense attorney Randy Hiller and prosecutor Kurt Britzius both seemed to have faith in Reno’s ability to become a law abiding citizen and that she trusted their judgement.

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