The Laramie Fire Department is getting ready to host their annual Fireman’s Ball and they are welcoming the community to come support their fundraiser for a good cause.

The Fireman’s Ball will be on Friday, April 20th at the Albany County Fairgrounds at 5:30 p.m.

Firefighter Chase Bridgmon said this year’s theme will be casino night and there will be games, prizes as well as a D.J. later in the evening.

Bridgmon said that this year the LFD decided to shake up the theme of the ball and run with a casino night theme just for fun.

“One of the fireman’s wives thought it was a great idea and I would agree with her, just kind of change it up,” Bridgmon said. “We’ve done a typical formal ball in the past, so I think change is a good thing. Hopefully we get lots of support.”

Bridgmon said the Fireman’s Ball is the major fundraiser for the Local Union 946 Burnout Fund, which provides relief funds for families that are affected by disasters in the community. Bridgmon said one recent example is the families affected by the Wade’s Mobile Manor Fire, which destroyed nine structures and displaced multiple families. Bridgmon said they LFD was able to donate nearly $5,000 to the Wade’s fire victims out of the burnout fund.

“It’s devastating to see families that get everything taken away from them in the course of a minute or an hour or several hours," Bridgmon said. "Everything they’ve known is taken away from them."

Tickets for the ball are $40 each or $70 for two, bought in advance. Tickets are $50 each at the door. Tickets can be purchased in advance by emailing or

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