Four athletes that train at LEAP Ninja Warrior Gym in Laramie will be competing in the Federation of Ninja Athletics (FINA) Season II – World Championships on October 16 & 17 in Buffalo, NY.

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Athletes Flora Caputo-Wilkowski, Moorea Caputo-Wilkowski, Enzo Songeroth, and Porter Willie qualified in their respective age categories and are slated to represent LEAP this weekend in New York.

In order to make it to the competition, the athletes competed in FINA sanctioned qualifier events in Colorado and Wyoming.

Athletes qualify by completing a FINA-certified course without any falls and within a certain time limit and can compete in two different categories: speed or endurance.

The endurance courses consist of 12 obstacles that test an athlete’s ability to push through the pain and hang on until there is nothing left in the tank. The speed courses consist of 8 obstacles that pit athletes versus the clock.

Flora Caputo-Wilkowski (9U) and Enzo Sondgeroth (7U) will compete in both the endurance and speed competitions, while Moorea Caputo-Wilkowski (11U) and Porter Willie (11U) will be competing in the speed competition only.

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