So, have you been procrastinating getting that Valentine's gift and realized that V-Day is TOMORROW? It's okay, don't panic. We've all made mistakes, and maybe, this article can help you lessen your punishment.

Here are some last-minute Valentine's gifts you can get in Laramie.

The Triple Truffle Blizzard Cake from Dairy Queen

The weather has been so kind, and it's not freezing out for an ice-cream cake. Plus, IT'S HEART SHAPED TOO! Isn't this just the sweetest?

A Car Detailing Gift Card

If you can't afford to spoil your significant other with a new car, then at least the feeling of a new car. Creative right?


Human Bean's Valentine's Special

For the coffee lovers, they definitely would appreciate this!

Coal Creek's Cafe Amore

This blend is their annual tribute to Valentine’s Day!

Sugar Mouse's Valentine's Special

Come on now, everyone lovessss Sugar Mouse.


What's more classic than this?

Everything from Alibi's Pizza? Yes, please!

From yummy desserts to fancy dinners, they have it all!



Fancy Dinners? Yes!

Many of the restaurants in Laramie are hosting a fancy dinner this Valentine's! Dress up, and go out on a nice dinner date this Valentine's! Maybe the food will keep your date's mind away from... well... you not having a gift. Check out the Hilton Garden InnOld Corral Hotel & SteakhouseWyoming's Rib and Chop House, and the Albany Lodge for local, Wyoming dinner.

Sugar Mouse's February Specials

Take a look at all the yummy and cute cupcakes from Sugar Mouse.

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