Laramie's Snowy Range Academy is ready to grow. The K-8 Charter School has served the Gem City since 2002 and is the oldest charter school in Wyoming.


Last Thursday, April 6, the school announced future expansion plans on its Facebook page. The announcement details Snowy Range Academy's (SRA) plans to expand into its neighboring units in the 4037 Grand Ave complex.

Snowy Range Academy Announces Expansion

The announcement of Snowy Range Academy's expansion project coincided with the confirmation of the Laramie Dollar Tree's closure on May 7 of this year. In the past, SRA had leased unused units in its 4307 Grand Ave building, but as the school steadily grew over the years, the need to reobtain and use the leased spaces became more apparent.

In the Facebook post, Snowy Range Academy addressed the closure of its retail neighbor with the following statement:

"SRA Board Chair Lindsay Schumaker said the school will miss having Dollar Tree next door. “We’ve had a great partnership with Dollar Tree over the years, and we’ve enjoyed being their neighbor,” she said."
The post also explained that Dollar Tree's closure has been in the works for some time, stating:
"The move into the adjacent space has been in the works for several years and was coordinated to coincide with the end of Dollar Tree’s most recent lease agreement, which was negotiated a year ago."
Snowy Range Academy Continues to Grow
The expansion of Snowy Range Academy will allow the school to continue serving its current student population as longstanding students move into the middle school grades. Without the development, the school would have difficulty accommodating new elementary students.
The expansion plans include three new classrooms, a multipurpose space, and bathrooms. The school plans additional stages of the project to have more classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and special education facilities.

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