Nothing's better than saving some cash by shopping smart - especially these days. Plenty of folks boost their budget by shopping at Dollar Tree, myself included. It's an excellent resource for everything from inexpensive wrapping paper and children's toys to household supplies and pantry goods.

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Unfortunately for Laramie residents, the Dollar Tree located at 4037 Grand Ave B will be closing for the foreseeable future, starting Monday, May 8th. May 7th is the store's last day open.

Laramie's Dollar Tree Closure Details

Yesterday, a Dollar Tree employee confirmed to LaramieLive staff that the store's last day is officially Sunday, May 7th. The employee confirmed that the store plans to reopen at a new location, but the location and reopening details were not available at the time.

The good news is Dollar Tree shoppers have a whole month to peruse the shop's items and stock up on their favorites before the store closes. For more information on the Laramie Dollar Tree, visit its Facebook page here or its website by clicking here.

Other Budget-Saving Stores Around Laramie

Budget-conscious Laramie residents can shop at Dollar General (2158 Snowy Range Rd) for product selections similar to the Dollar Store.

And you can always check out the many thrift shops around Laramie to explore a variety of items, clothing, and shoes at affordable prices. Check out NU2U (320 S 5th St), Goodwill (1575 N 4th St), or Mimi's Consignment (158 N 2nd St) for budget-friendly items.

Laramie's Frequently Visited Stores

A few weeks ago, we asked what are some of your most frequent stores in Laramie, and these are some of the ones you mentioned!

Ps. These are not in any order.

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