Laramie’s drinking water is a source of pride, and it’s in good hands with Ben Hiller. 

Hiller is the City of Laramie’s August “Rockstar of the Month,” recognized for his contributions to keeping the city’s priceless water clean and safe. 

Hiller has worked at Laramie’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for over a year, starting on July 4, 2022, though he’s been with the city since 2019, City Manager Janine Jordan said at the last city council meeting. 

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He was nominated by coworker Chad Sessions for the quality work he does at the plant and the help he provides for others. Sessions said Hiller’s dedication has added to the success of his team and has made a real difference in the department’s performance.

In his flattering nomination, Sessions expressed his gratitude for all Hiller does to support others. “He spends time tutoring and mentoring colleagues to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills they need to pass their exams.” 

The exams are serious business; in order to become a certified WWTP operator, four levels of exams need to be passed and continual education is necessary to maintain licensing by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality–and then regulated and monitored by the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

Quality standards need to be met, and system processes need to be adjusted based on changing environmental conditions. Jordan said Hiller successfully passed all four levels of testing to be a certified wastewater treatment plant operator on the first try, demonstrating his knowledge and dedication to the 3.1 million gallons of water pumped through the WWTP each day.

It’s no surprise then, that “One of his favorite parts of the job is working in the lab. He enjoys the chemistry and science parts; he appreciates the natural processes that the city uses to treat wastewater that does not involve chemicals, but rather a lot of complex laboratory science to make sure things are treated appropriately,” Jordan said. 

Hiller grew up in Albany County, in Laramie and Bosler. He has family all throughout the county, is talented musically, and occasionally performs downtown at open mic nights. 

“He’s a really great addition to our team here in Laramie; we’re blessed to have him and we want to acknowledge his fantastic contributions to the City of Laramie,” Jordan said.  

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