There’s a lot more to a car wash than soap and water. The new facility being constructed on North Third has a lot more to offer its customers, and it is set to open Wednesday, Aug. 2.

Wyomingite Taylor Webb said their family-owned business, Rocky Mountain Car Wash, is their livelihood. “It’s more of a passive investment for a lot of operators. For us, it’s our bread and butter. It's all we do, and since that’s all we do, we can really hone in on our craft.”

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Webb grew up in Pinedale, but said, “We’d been eying Laramie for years. Our friends were at UW. We spend lots of time there.”

After several requests for a wash in Laramie or Cheyenne, they began the property search and finally found the spot. It will be Rocky Mountain Car Wash’s 14th location. 

The uniqueness of Rocky Mountain Car Washes is that they are people-centered. They are customer-focused and will have on-site help most of the day.  Other operators might have attendants; we've taken that further. We have them on-site a minimum of 8 hours a day, every day.

“The moment you have a broken vacuum, you’re able to get help right away.”

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, they say, and that includes the soap. 

“Every season, we change the recipe. Bug season, we but de-bug in the formula. In the winter we change it. Use warmer water for better washes in the cold. 

“Our wash recipes are unique. Unknown to many consumers, most auto-washes or gas station soap is plugged into a chemical line. Nobody really checks on it until it runs out. We titrate ours daily.

Taylor Webb/Rocky Mountain Car Wash
Taylor Webb/Rocky Mountain Car Wash

Eight free vacuums, five self-serve bays, and three automatic bays are available at Rocky Mountain Car Wash. Self-serve is $5 for five minutes to start; the automatic washes range from $10-$21 for the “Ceramic Supernova” wash. 

For a car wash, customers are getting more than soap and water. “The staff, the chemistry, the titration, the staff to maintain the equipment. Our downtime is minimal. This is what we do,” Webb said.  

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