Heads up: if you borrow a vehicle without someone knowing, it still counts as stolen.

The Laramie Police Department has reported an uptick in the number of stolen vehicles in Albany County, with the Laramie and Albany County Records and Communications Division showing ten stolen vehicle reports have been filed in the last 30 days in Albany County. 

Three of those reports were alleged “misunderstandings.” 

A number of these reports involved ATVs; some were left unattended outside, and others from an unlocked trailer stolen from an alleyway.  

LPD recommends “locking vehicle doors, and steering mechanisms, storing vehicles indoors when possible, and keeping vehicles in well-lit areas with surveillance,” and offers four “keys” from the American Automobile Association for vehicle theft prevention, according to their Facebook release:

Key 1: Awareness

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly half of all vehicle thefts nationally could have been prevented by the owner. Whenever you leave your car, take a moment to check that you have the following:

  • Removed keys from inside the vehicle
  • Moved valuables and other items out of view

Key 2: Deterrence

Vehicles that are easy to break into and allow for a quick getaway are attractive to thieves. Visible theft deterrents signal that your car could be difficult to steal. Consider using:

  • Steering wheel locks
  • Brake pedal locks
  • Theft deterrent decals
  • Audible alarm systems

Key 3: Immobilization

Immobilizing devices prevent a car from being hot-wired. Many late-model vehicles come with immobilization devices standard, and some after-market options are available for earlier model cars. These include:

  • Smart keys
  • Fuse cut-offs
  • Kill switches
  • Starter or fuel pump disablers
  • Wireless ignition authentication systems

Key 4: Tracking

A tracking device emits a signal to the police or a monitoring station when a vehicle is stolen. Tracking devices are very effective in helping authorities recover stolen vehicles. 

LPD asks for a call to the non-emergency dispatch number if you have been or suspect you have been a victim of vehicle theft anywhere in Albany County: (307) 721-2526.

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