Over the weekend, Laramie residents looked to the heavens and saw what appeared to be...a UFO? The white blip appeared during daylight hours, floating high above the Laramie Valley for two days. So naturally, the first thoughts that came to mind for many of us involved little green men and the Men in Black.

Were aliens visiting Laramie over the weekend? I mean, it's the best time of year to visit Laradise; our weather is gorgeous, there's plenty of happenings around town, and what intergalactic visitor wouldn't want to try a cupcake from Sugar Mouse?

Laramie's UFO Mystery Solved!

But, after doing some digging, it became clear that the white craft in the sky was not aliens intent on taking in all Laramie has to offer. No, the UFO that visited Laramie belongs to World View, a company specializing in edge-of-space travel, aka space tourism.

I don't know about you, but space tourism sounds like a Star Trek adventure. So what was World View doing over Laramie, anyhow? Well, World View also specializes in stratospheric research. According to Wyoming NASA Space Consortium, the white aerial craft is a high-altitude balloon on a 30-day mission from Arizona.

The Wyoming NASA Space Consortium also found out a few intriguing details about the balloon. Though it looked tiny to the human eye, it weighs 1,100 pounds! That's more than some baby elephants weigh. The hefty balloon was traveling above Laramie to test the vehicle's navigation ability - presumably for space tourism reasons?

The balloon has since moved on from Laramie's beautiful blue skies and appears to be somewhere near Centennial, Wyoming today. You can track the balloon's movements at the Flightradar24 website by clicking here.

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