It's girl scout cookie season! As a sweet tooth, this is definitely one of my favorite seasons yet!

The Dates

The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins Friday, February 3rd, and they will be taking preorders until February 19th. Delivery will be expected in late March.

Cookies can be ordered online from a Girl Scout through April 16th. 

Cookies can be purchased during Cookie Booth Sales March 24th - April 16th.

You can purchase from Girl Scouts directly as they sell door-to-door or online through a Girl Scout contact.

If you aren't connected to a Girl Scout, you can visit their website HERE to find cookies.

Types of Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies varieties include:

  • Thin Mints
  • Caramel deLites
  • Peanut Butter Patties
  • Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  • Trefoils
  • Adenturefuls

New This Year:

  • Lemonades
  • Toast-Yay!
  • Raspberry Rally

(They sent me over the Toast-Yay as a sample, and I can assure you, it's AMAZING)

The Caramel Chocolate Chip is gluten & allergen free!

All cookies will sell for $5 per packet, except for the Caramel Chocolate Chip, which will be $6 per package.

All the revenue earned from cookie sales - every penny after paying the baker - stays with the local troops and council. Girls decide how to spend their troop cookie money and reinvest it in their neighborhoods through service projects and learning experiences, including Girl Scout camp and travel.

Girl Scouts who sell 1,000 or more boxes of Girl Scout Cookies earn a FREE session of summer camp at one of GSMW's three resident camps.

By selling cookies, Girl Scouts develop five essential skills --

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

All of which help them succeed today and in the future.

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