You have to wonder if the same Americans that don't believe Wyoming actually exists are also flat-earthers and other conspiracy theorists of the like.

Considering the Cowboy State is the 10th largest by area, we have the country's first national monument (Devils Tower) and we've been a state since 1890, it's almost laughable that some really believe we're not here.

Maybe that's why Laramie resident and TikTok video creator, B. Dylan Hollis, took to his account to prove one particular naysayer wrong. Did I mention he did it in a spectacular fashion? Because he did. Hollis shared the following video along with a caption that read:

Reply to @slandts We very much exist. Yours truly, the gem of the Mountain West #fyp #wyoming #307 #laramie #rockymountains

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Dylan's hilarious, but right-on-the-button video, has already been shared over 400 times, liked over 84,000 times and garnered almost 1900 comments. That's how prove the power of the Cowboy State, with class, humor and facts. Well played, sir... well played indeed.

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