The Laramie Police Department has determined that counterfeit bills reported on two separate occasions in Laramie are ‘practice bills.’

In a news release, the Laramie Police department said officers brought the bills to a professor from the University of Wyoming last Friday, who helped them decipher the Chinese characters written on the bills.

The professor said the bills were ‘practice notes’. They are copies of U.S. currency used to help teach bank tellers in China the characteristics of U.S. notes.

The investigation into who is responsible for circulating the bills is still ongoing.

Steven Morgan, PSAP administrator for the Laramie Police Department, said the Laramie Police are currently conducting interviews of the people who accepted the counterfeit bills to try to gather more information on potential suspects.

“We are also trying to pinpoint any photographic or video evidence that might be available to gather more information on who is responsible,” Morgan said.

The police are encouraging residents to call the non-emergency Police Dispatch number, (307) 721-2526 to file a report if someone tries to give them any of these counterfeit bills.

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