The Laramie Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) has plenty of dogs and cats who are looking for loving homes within the community! Here are the pets of the week!

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Tyson, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Tyson is a big, goofy, loving 1-year-old Saint Bernard/Pit mix. He is a special guy looking for a special adoptive or foster to adopt home. He has been in a boarding facility for 2 months and is ready to be bailed out and into a home. He is looking for a patient family willing to work with me on my reactivity issues and a walker capable of handing me on the leash. He is food motivated and eager to please which makes training him a breeze with the right instruction. Though he is a big guy, he is convinced that he is a lap dog and just wants to cuddle at night. LAWS is going to be very particular to find Tyson the best possible placement. More info can be found here. 

Oreo, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society
Oreo is a big boy (and a big baby at heart!) who came to LAWS with his kitty siblings after their human mom sadly passed away. They were transported from Nebraska to Laramie to join the LAWS program to begin the search to find their forever homes. While his siblings have all been adopted, Oreo is still searching. Oreo loves to play and goes wild for wet food! He still appreciates a gentle approach by people and sometimes can get a little overwhelmed by too much chaos. He loves being "Uncle Oreo" to the two young male kittens who live in the kennel next to him. Oreo is still learning confidence and would do best at a home with someone willing to continue working with him as he learns to trust people in situations outside of our adoption center. He would also do well with younger male kittens but tends to be a bit much towards female cats. Oreo is looking for a calm home and will be the best companion to his people! More information can be found here.
Rex, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society
Rex is a sweet, friendly boy that doesn't have a mean bone in his body. LAWS believes that he is an Australian Shepard/heeler mix. He is doing very well with potty training but sometimes has an accident if he gets too excited. He does great off-leash on walks in the field, plays well with other dogs, and listens to his person. He is still a puppy (as big as he is) with a lot of energy, so he will need a home where he can get a lot of exercise. A home with a large yard or lots of room to roam would be ideal. He does well with children but may knock them down trying to say hi. He does get upset if he is left alone, so a home with another dog or someone who will be with him all the time would be best. He is truly a special dog and will make someone an awesome best friend! More information can be found here.
Seele, photo from Laramie Animal Welfare Society

LAWS special needs foster, Seele (German for soul), is approximately 1 ½ years old and we are still searching for her forever home.  She has gone from no movement in her hind legs to enough mobility to get around in her own way.  She receives bi-monthly acupuncture and laser treatments (to help nerves heal and begin working) as well as physical therapy and massage.  Seele is a highly intelligent, independent, and gorgeous girl.  She has a loud purr, loves to explore, likes to snuggle with humans and plush blankets, and prefers a strict routine (we are certain she knows how to tell time). Seele loves to sit on her pet stairs and watch the squirrels and birds through the door.  She also enjoys camping and is quite the nosy neighbor; she runs from window to window in the camper to see what everyone is doing.  Seele will require a home with a lot of love, patience, and enough resources to provide for her ongoing needs.  While she is tolerant of other cats and kittens, she does better with gentle dogs and would do well in a home with few or no other pets. Seele has minimal control of her bladder and bowels and therefore will require diapers for the rest of her life.  (More detail about her daily routine will be given to serious inquires).  She still may never walk or have the same mobility as other cats, but her nerves are healing and regenerating and every little step of progress is wonderful. More information can be found here.


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