Remember when Laramie made it into Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2020 Destinations!

In an article that was posted in 2020, Sports Illustrated mentioned the city of Laramie as a vacation destination for adventure and history.

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As stated in the article, Sports Illustrated says that Laramie is "a lively college-town with great museums, shopping, and an abundant food and brewery scene. While many of its residents are attending the University of Wyoming, the city is rooted in Western heritage and Wyoming history from its pioneer women to its outlaws."

Sports Illustrated named many different business hot spots as well, bringing attention to the many brewers and restaurants throughout the city.

The article also mentions the great outdoor destinations around the city and puts great emphasis on the many trails and camp spots for people to enjoy.

Saratoga, WY is also included in the Swimsuit 2020 Destinations on the Sports Illustrated Website.

You can view the full article here. 

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