If you were out of the house for any reason Saturday, chances are you had at least one (and probably a dozen) opportunities to purchase a cup of lemonade, a homemade magnet, some ready-made cookie dough, or other confection. The convergence of young entrepreneurs wasn’t by chance on a sunny day before school starts; it’s the culmination of a business plan seen through to completion.  

Laramie’s fourth Lemonade Day was another success, with 35 stands across town, where first through sixth graders’ hard work came to fruition. These youth were introduced to business-owning in a very hands-on way. They had to create a business plan, design and create a lemonade stand, and market their business. 

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Lemonade Day is an organization aimed at teaching youth entrepreneurial skills. Upon signing up for the event, participants received a backpack full of materials to help them be successful on the big day, and in future endeavors. Each backpack contained an Entrepreneur Workbook, full of lessons on budgeting, profit goals, customer service, repaying investors, and giving back to the community. Last year, 100% of young business owners donated a portion of their proceeds to a charity or cause of their choice. 

The free program engages students in business, which also comes with bonus lessons like problem-solving skills, self-esteem boosting, and generosity, all critical tools for success in their academics, sports, hobbies, or other endeavors. 

The program started in Laramie in 2019 with 22 stands and 48 young business owners. Stand numbers have been in the 30s for the last two years. For more information to help the cause or to create a lemonade stand next year, visit the Laramie Lemonade Day website here

Laramie Lemonade Day 2023

Laramie had another successful Lemonade Day in 2023, with over 30 stands across town.


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