Back in December last year, Laramie Fire Station 3 announced that it will generate its own clean, renewable power thanks to a funding award from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program participants.

The $39,465 funding was used to support the installation of a 25kW solar array and an electric vehicle charging station in West Laramie. The City of Laramie is committed to the reduction of carbon emissions from municipal operations through Resolution 2020-14.

Todd Freezer, City of Laramie's Assistant City Manager said in an email, "although the project got started later than anticipated our contractor, Creative Energies, was able to catch up with the schedule allowing this project to be completed by the end of 2022.  This project is estimated to provide 25% of Laramie Fire Station 3’s electrical energy.  The associated electric vehicle charging station is a ChargePoint Level 2 charger that has received use over the past two months."

The City of Laramie, along with more than 190 organizations across Rocky Mountain Power’s service area, received awards for community-based renewable projects.

What is the Blue Sky Program?

Blue Sky is an opt-in program that gives Rocky Mountain Power customers an option to match all or part of their energy use with renewable energy. Through the Blue Sky Block option, participants also support qualifying, renewable energy projects for local institutions such as schools, community centers, and arts organizations.

The City of Laramie finally completed the 25kW solar project and electric vehicle charging station at Laramie Fire Station Number 3 and hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday, November 4th.

But, it's not just any ribbon-cutting ceremony. They had some special guests too!

Over forty 4th Grade Students and Teachers attended the program. According to Freezer, they received a short presentation on “How Solar Energy Works” by Leo Pueblitz, from Creative Energies.

"Pueblitz described to the children how solar works and answered numerous questions.  The children then constructed their own solar bugs that when placed in direct sunlight, will buzz around," Freeze explained.

The program then continued with presentations by Sharon Fain - Rocky Mountain Power Vice President, Leo Pueblitz – Creative Energies, and Erin O’Doherty - Laramie City Council Ward 3, and finished with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The students got to have a sun cookie and a Capri Sun before heading back to Linford Elementary School.

The City of Laramie would like to thank Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky participants for contributing funding to make this project happen. Freeze mentioned that this is the third facility in Laramie to benefit from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky participant funding. Over the three projects so far, they have saved over 240,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions or comparatively by reducing CO2 met the equivalent of planting over 1,800 trees.

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