Wyoming’s first wind energy manufacturer has announced its decision to join the Wyoming Wind Coalition.

LogiLube, LLC, will help the coalition promote new and current wind development. The coalition hopes to strengthen economic growth and diversification as well as create new jobs and expand Wyoming’s tax base, according to a LogiLube news release.

“Joining developers turbine manufacturers, and other wind energy-related businesses, LogiLube’s addition to the Wyoming Wind Coalition adds to the diversity of its membership in a way I think the coalition founders envisioned,” said Jonathan Naughton, director of the University of Wyoming’s Wind Energy Research Center, in a statement. “The benefits a product-oriented company like LogiLube brings to the state of Wyoming, such as jobs and tax revenue, complement other positive contributions of wind energy to the Wyoming economy.”

LogiLube has already contributed to the local economy, adding eight Wyoming jobs within the last three years. The company plans to add five more full-time positions in 2018. The company has expanded internationally as well, setting up representation in Europe.

LogiLube develops technology that helps companies track the condition of machinery used in energy production. The company graduated from the UW business incubator to a technology park building in Laramie. The company is also currently working with UW to sponsor several UW senior design projects directly related to wind energy equipment reliability.

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