A motions hearing for the case against Meg Lanker-Simons, who is accused of misdemeanor interference, has been postponed until August.

The Lanker-Simons' case has gained national attention, despite a trial not having yet been scheduled.  It all started when an abusive statement about Lanker-Simons was made on a Facebook page called "UW Crushes," the statement was considered by many to be a sexual and violent threat against Lanker-Simons.   In the days following, a rally was held at the University of Wyoming against rape culture, and the UW Crushes page was specifically called out by several speakers at that rally.  Following the rally, UW Police cited Lanker-Simons for having submitted the abusive post herself, using an anonymous internet channel, then lying to police about having done it.

Lanker-Simons has plead not-guilty to the charge.

Several standard motions have been filed in the case, many of them receiving responses that they would not be contested.  However, a motion was filed at the end of June, by the defense, asking to suppress evidence found on Lanker-Simons' laptop computer.  Defense attorney Vaughn Neubauer writing in the motion that the request for a search warrant on Lanker-Simons' laptop was deficient in showing a nexus between probable cause and the laptop computer.

Albany County Circuit Court Judge Robert A. Castor was presiding over the case and had also signed the search warrant for the laptop in question, he has since recused himself from the case.  Judge Randall R. Arp of Torrington will now oversee the upcoming motions hearing.

The motions hearing was originally scheduled for July 30th, but has been rescheduled for mid-August.  Officials at the Albany County Circuit say that a further continuance on the hearing is also possible.

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