Keeping our listening audience in the loop as much as possible, here’s the latest update on what’s going on with KOWB-AM and KCGY-FM.

Last week, a pipe burst at our studio location. This led to a flood that impacted our ability to broadcast out anything for a while. KCGY-FM was able to stream another country signal from our company, KLEN-FM out of Cheyenne.

After a lot of equipment was brought in, KCGY-FM has resumed near-normal operation. As of last Saturday, our regular country signal was back on the air.

KOWB-AM is a slightly different situation. The transmitter was significantly impacted, which is why we do not have an “air signal” over the radio. However, we have good news to report in that the KOWB stream is now working. You can listen to our normal programming via the KOWB app or online at

At this time, we do not have a time table for when the radio signal will return. We promise that nothing is wrong with your radio, it's us.

Contrary to rumors, KOWB and KCGY did not go anywhere, we just experienced a disaster, and it’s taking time to get back to normal. There is still more do, and we hope you can be patient and understanding as more work continues.

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