This week former Laramie city councilmember and former mayor Klaus Hanson was named Ambassador of Good Will for the City of Laramie.

"Klaus Hanson served on the City Council of Laramie for over sixteen years and supported direct actions to assist Interfaith Good Samaritan and other organizations that help those in need, he has offered a consistent vision for peace-making and tolerance for diversity around the world. In honoring his sixteen years of supporting diversity, his history of giving voice to the voiceless, his ability to address complex issues with compassion, and his persistent ability to seek a bridge of understanding we offer gratitude to our local leader who bears witness to the humanity of us all and proclaim Klaus Hanson as Ambassador of Good Will and encourage residents to recognize the positive impact that Klaus has had for the Laramie Community; to thank him for his generosity; and to encourage others to find ways to give back to the community."

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