July 4th means freedom, and the traditional celebration is the "rockets' red glare" - fireworks, and the brighter and louder, the better.

Within the city of Laramie (within two miles of the city limits, actually) possession of fireworks violates the municipal code...but the city provides an option:

Fire in the Sky 2013

The City of Laramie has announced their The 2013 Fire in the Sky fireworks display will be at 10:00 PM on Thursday, July 4th, unless there are issues with the weather, in which case it will move forward on the Friday, July 5th.

As in past years, the display will originate from the parking lot of the Aragorn Softball Complex near 22nd and Armory Road.

Insurance regulations and fire codes require a 600 foot radius safety zone around the launch site.

Parts of N. 22nd Street, Armory Road, and Television Road will be closed before the display for safety reasons. Twenty-second Street may be closed between Willett Drive and Harney Street. Armory Road will be closed west from Television Road to 22nd Street. Television Road will be closed from the intersection at Armory Road north to Harney Street. Harney Street may be closed if the prevailing wind conditions require that closure

Winds have carried shell debris to the intersection at 22nd and Harney and onto portions of Harney Street north of the launch site during previous display in past years, so the city will close Harney Street between Television road and N. 19th St.

Fire in the Sky coordinator Randy Vickers requests that the public avoid the following areas for spectator viewing because of their nearness to the drop zone, where the spent fireworks will land:  the ENTIRE LSA Soccer Field off Television Road, the UW Recreation Field off to Armory Road, the area north of Harney Street between N. 19th Street and Television Road, and the parking lot north of the UW Centennial Complex/American Heritage Center.

Show organizers say the best places to view the display include nearby city parks such as Washington, LaPrele, Harbon, Scout, & Kiowa Parks, high visibility locations on campus such as Fraternity/Sorority Park, the bluff behind Indian Paint Brush School and large parking lots located around town.