Wyoming Congressional candidate Jason Senteney says if he's elected he will propose a National Service Plan requiring two years of compulsory military service for 18-year-olds.

Senteney says the recent shootings in Dallas, Texas of several police officers highlights the need to increase patriotism and erase some of the divisions that currently plague the country. He says his proposal would do that.

He says the plan would have the additional benefit of strengthening the military, expanding its ranks by about 10-15 million or so across all branches of the military.

While not everyone would be required to serve a combat role, everyone would receive basic military training. He says those who object to combat roles "could be given a spatula or a pen." Senteney says a portion of each person's military income would be put in a high-interest account to provide money for college if they choose to go or a ''nest egg" to launch post military life if higher education isn't in their plans.

Senteney says that while his plan would clearly require more defense spending, he thinks the increase could be kept in the range of about $44 billion annually if other cost saving measures were implemented. He says that includes doing a better job of holding defense contractors accountable than is currently the case.

Senteney says his plan would also boost the U.S. economy by creating a greater market uniforms and other military items that could put people to work in manufacturing jobs. He says his plan would also reduce the crime rate by teaching people discipline and good work habits rather than allowing them to drift into a life of crime.

Senteney is a Yoder Correctional Officer.

Senteney is one of several candidates vying to replace Cynthia Lummis as Wyoming's lone representative in the U.S. House. Lummis has served several terms but decided not to run for re-election this year.

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