Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says any concerns about people using the name of a dead person to illegally cast a ballot in the state can be laid to rest.

Murray heads the state department charged with implementing elections in the Cowboy State.

His says his department checks death certificates from the Wyoming Department of Health on a daily basis and then compares those records with the voter registration rolls.

He says anyone who has died is immediately purged from the rolls of registered voters. On the possibility of people using the names of dead people to cast ballots in the state, Murray says "that cannot happen in Wyoming."

Murray also says any fears about outsiders hacking into Wyoming's vote counting on election day is likewise impossible because the vote counting is not connected to the internet.

Election Director Kai Shon says that the voting tabulation system is not connected to the internet and in fact the different voting tabulation centers are also not connected to each other.

Shon says the state does use an "e-pollbook" to record the fact that a voter has cast their ballot. Shon says the e-pollbooks are connected  to one another using a VPN or Virtual Private Network to prevent hacking.

The pollbooks are used to keep someone from casting ballots multiple times in the same election.

Murray also says that while he is a "true red Republican," he sets aside any partisan considerations on election day in the interest of conducting fair and honest balloting.

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