Cheyenne-based meteorologist Don Day Jr. says the recent record to near-record snowfall in Wyoming followed by an expected warm spell could lead to flooding in some parts of the state.

Day is the founder and President of Dayweather Inc. in Cheyenne.

The Riverton Office of the National Weather Service says Casper got 26.7 inches of snow on Monday and a total of 37. 4 inches with the storm that recently blasted Wyoming. Those are both Casper records. But Casper was hardly alone in getting heavy snowfall, as much of the state got near-record snow totals.

Cheyenne and Laramie mostly missed the deluge of snow, although Cheyenne officially did receive over six inches and had school closures on Tuesday. But Day told Townsquare Media on Wednesday that some areas that were hit hard by the snow face the risk of flooding:

"yes as it warms up flooding concerns around Casper and Lander/Riverton will be a concern from the big snows up there they got this week. Flooding concerns will be around all spring in many areas of the state that have rivers going through, so yes in the short term and long term as well as it finally warms up.'''

While the recent storm clearly poses a flooding threat, even before the latest deluge of snow there were flooding concerns.

In regard to the long-term flooding danger this spring, Day in an interview a couple of weeks ago--prior to the most recent storm--that Laramie and Casper could see flooding sometime this spring.

Day said the Green River in Sweetwater County, the North Platte (especially near Saratoga), and the Wind River drainages had especially seen a lot of snow that could lead to flooding. He said the Laramie River in the Laramie area and the North Platte in the Casper area could see spring flooding if warm weather causes a sudden snow melt.


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