It's not very often that I take a look at how well things have been going monetarily in the U.S. but this short video caught my attention as it goes through the GDP (Gross Domestic Product.) over the last several years. Needless to say, Wyoming has had its fair share of ups & downs.

For the most part, Wyoming has been steady and staying in the top 5 for longer than most places with the exception of Alaska. Whatever they're doing it's working. Oil & cole have always been a driving force in our economy and obviously, it hasn't always been as reliable as seen from this video.

I'd say that we are doing pretty well here in the cowboy state between the things we provide and our overall population. Though last year was a rough one for us based on the video I think it's accurate to predict that we are in for a great couple of years hopefully getting us back up to that #2 slot.

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