I like most of you have grown up born and raised right here in the cowboy state. This is why I was a little taken back when I found an article online that said there are some weird side effects from growing up in Wyoming from Onlyinyourstate.com. So, naturally, I had to take a look for myself.

Not all of these are true and not all of these are incorrect. But they are all funny.

I'll just point out the ones that  I relate to the most.

1. You always dress in layers no matter the time of year. This is so true for me. It could be 85 outside and no signs of a storm rolling in and yet, I'd be standing outside sweating my buns off just in case things take a sudden change.

2. We all speed everywhere we go. I think this one is kind of true but not always true. That's just based on what I experience on my day to work every day.

3. You hate crowds. Personally, I think this one is more true for older people in Wyoming. I'm not sure if that is because they grew up in a town with around 1,000 people or if that's just an age thing.

4. You start feeling trapped if you can't see 7 miles in any given direction outside. I feel this on a spiritual level. I love being able to look across Casper and either see the entire mountain or, damn near see Douglas from Texas Roadhouse. (Just kidding, I'm blind as hell.)

Those are just a few of the reasons that they say are side effects of growing up in Wyoming. You can check out the rest of the list here. 

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