Enjoying the nice weather lately? Or have you only been able to enjoy it between the walk from your car to your office? While an early spring is normally meet with enthusiasm, it can also be a bit depressing if you’re finding that work, school, or family are squeezing out anytime you may escape outside to enjoy the weather. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the weather without having to change your schedule. Rather, by modifying pre-existing activities in your schedule, you can find ways to get outside.

  • Lunch Break at a Park

    With several parks in Laramie, there is a good chance that there is a park within walking distance of your work or home. Parks provide a great opportunity to have a mini-picnic by simply eating your lunch at park instead of at your desk (which it turns out is a haven for germs). So instead of giving your desk bacteria company for lunch, get out and visit a park.

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  • Walk/Bike to Work or Class

    While it might take you a bit longer to get to work, walking to work can actually save you time depending on how you look at it. For example, if you walk to work, you do not necessarily need to get your exercise in later in the day, which will save you time. Biking is also a great, speedy option now that the roads are clear of snow and ice. Worried about showing up at work looking a little frazzled from biking or waking? Pack a comb, check out these tips, and look at these new professional clothes specifically designed for commuters who bike and walk to work.

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  • Fire up the Grill and Sweep off the Patio

    Warm weather signals the end of the oven season. No need to broil steak inside when a peaceful sunset and light jacket wearing weather temps you outside. Since you will eat dinner anyway, you might as well as eat it outside. If you are not in the mood for cooking in the evening (or cleaning the patio), Lucanio’s Italian Restaurant has an outdoor patio, and the downtown plaza on the corner of Grand and First provides a great place to eat take-out.

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  • Take the Gym Outside

    Yes, going to the gym is a good element to have in your schedule. However, the weights or your favorite elliptical won’t miss you if you take to the pavement once or twice a week in lieu of heading inside. Often, exercise is only associated with burning calories or getting in shape. However, exercise is also supposed to be enjoyable—and sometimes that means you need to mix up your regular routine. Instead of going inside to get your work out, head to La Bonte Park’s gym stations. La Bonte Park has multiple fitness stations situated around its main pathway. Participants run on the path between each station, stopping at each one to complete the required exercise (such as pull-ups). All stations come complete with instructions on how to complete the exercise.

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  • Outdoor Movies

    While many people think owning a projector may be a little out of their reach, the price of projectors has greatly decreased in the past few years. Many projectors sell in the $150-$200 range, and some even go for around $100. With a projector, speakers, and a well-ironed sheet, you can create your own movie theatre under the stars. With a few blankets, pillows, and bowls of popcorn, you have created another great way to get outside.

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