The Wyoming Highway Patrol was in Laramie this week, conducting their Patrol Physical Abilities Test (WYPAT). The WHP used the small gym at Laramie High School since their regular facility was unavailable. 

Troopers took part in the WYPAT, an assessment process that evaluates candidates’ abilities to perform their job duties. The current test is derived from several law enforcement agencies’ data, namely the Canadian Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation, and data from corrections, probation, and parole officers.

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The WYPAT identifies nine baseline physical activities in which troopers need to demonstrate competency: Walking, running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, lifting, carrying, pulling, and pushing. 

An obstacle course was designed, incorporating the identified activities. There are three parts to the timed course:

Mobility Run

A 1,235-foot obstacle run where the officer must demonstrate physical abilities such as mobility, agility, flexibility, power, and general physical endurance. Troopers must run a balance beam, slalom cones, run a stair simulator, and jump and vault over obstacles. To complete the mobility run, the course must be run six times. 

 Push-pull machine 

After the sixth obstacle course run, a trooper has five seconds to run the 20-yard distance to the push-pull machine. Six 180-degree push arcs and the same amount of pull arcs, with four controlled falls in the middle. 

Dummy drag

After an allowed rest of 60 seconds, a 165-pound dummy has to be dragged 25 feet. Once the drag motion has started, the officer cannot stop in order to pass the final section; three attempts at the dummy drag are allowed. 

The fastest a trooper has ever completed the course is in 3.02 minutes.


Wyoming Highway Patrol Physical Assessment Testing

The Wyoming Highway Patrol completed physical assessment testing (WYPAT) in the Laramie High School gym. The vigorous test consists of three parts... could you beat the WYPAT record of 3.02 minutes?

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