Rowdy Yeatts is a Laramie business owner of High Plains Biochar and is just one of the pioneers in biochar production in the U.S.

Biochar is a black, brittle substance that is created when plant matter (including wood chips, cannabis waste, and rice husks) are exposed to high temperatures. This process causes carbon from dead plants to become trapped, instead of being released into the atmosphere while the plant decomposes.

There are several uses for biochar. It can be fed to cattle and help reduce methane emissions by 10%. It can also be used in soil, whether it be used for reclamation for oil and gas projects, or in aiding in the growth of high-value crops. It can also be used to aid in water purification, as biochar attracts heavy metals.

For more information on Yeatts and his company, you can find the full article here.

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