Are you a trivia fan as much as I am? Because if yes, here's some fun news for you! UNIWYO & the Albany County Public Library Foundation will be hosting a virtual Boos & Q's Online Trivia Competition.

The event is a Halloween fundraiser to benefit the Albany County Public Library Foundation! Tackle Halloween-themed trivia to earn points.

Event Details

  • You'll receive access to the trivia on Friday, October 7
  • And you would need to complete the trivia by Saturday, October 9, to be eligible for prizes
  • However, once you do start, you only have a one-hour time limit to complete the trivia
  • The trivia will consist of multiple choice questions, and all are Halloween-themed

Tickets are $10 per person and will include a small gift pack.

Buy tickets HERE.

*Limited amount of slots available. So, make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot!


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