Lapo Elkann Unveils The New Learjet 31 'Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu' Unveling At Linate SEA Prime

[FILE PHOTO] Getty Images[/caption]If you happen to see a helicopter flying over Laramie this Wednesday (October 9) don't worry,here's what's going on.

The University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics posted on Facebook Monday that the helicopter will be part of a geophysical study of the Casper Aquifer. The Department says that the copter will be in the I-80 and Telephone Canyon area particularly.

"The I-80 airborne geophysics project to study the Casper Aquifer around I80 and the southern municipal wellfields of Pope and Soldier Springs will start helicopter data acquisition this Wednesday. Residents will see a helicopter flying with a large hoop underneath it that is flying EW profiles along both sides of the Telephone Canyon portion of I-80. The study is being funded jointly by Albany County and the City of Laramie to provide more information about groundwater movement near I-80. This information will assist with any planning for future contaminant spill remediation resulting from an accident on the interstate."

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