We've all been there. The weather outside might not be frightful, but, all of a sudden, it goes from sun to snow. Just like a snap from Thanos. It's like a blip in time and everything changes suddenly and dramatically.

We've all had our own versions of choice words and saying about "if you don't like the weather, just wait". Those are all great coping mechanisms, but we all really just want to rant sometimes. And that's more than ok.

A TikToker out of Laramie who if you pay attention to his background, is originally from Burmuda, has his own thoughts about the fast-paced weather changes here in the Cowboy State. I'm sure his first winter here was quite a transition from an island paradise.



I've also felt that about Springtime in Wyoming. Anywhere else in the country, you look at March and April as a transition period from Winter to warm, Spring weather. Not here. Take last year for example with the 3 feet of snow that were dropped on Southeast Wyoming.

I feel his pain.

Also, sometimes, you just want to get in your car and reflect on things, especially when you're not used to Springtime snow. So, honestly, I commend him for not using a bunch of swear words. They would have been warranted. That snow probably ruined his afternoon, or ya know, just kind of gave him a mild inconvenience.

Either way, we've all been in his position, where we're looking at sunny skys and all of a sudden, Old Man Winter kicks you.

It's only January.

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