News stories are released on a daily basis that involve someone that thinks they don't need to follow the rules that are put in place for safety in National Parks all over the country. It seems that the number of stories are quadrupled for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! This summer has been action packed in the National Parks with a record number of people visiting, so obviously that means more rule breakers.

Matt Deehan is a guide with EcoTour Adventures in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. His job is to maximize your experience while in Yellowstone or the Tetons and being in and around the area you can bet he's seen his fair share of broken rules.

Before you head to the parks it's a great idea to plan ahead when it comes to some items you are taking into the park. Binoculars, good shoes, sunscreen, drinking water, warm clothes (you never know) and bear spray are a few things to have for a more enjoyable experience. Some things you should leave behind are bad attitudes, being impatient, your "rules don't count for me" mentality and pets that could cause a problem! The National Parks have PET RULES in place to keep your pets and the wildlife safe.

As mentioned above, Matt has see his fair share of disturbing actions in the parks. This summer Matt was witness to one of those problematic situations that involved a pet dog. While checking out a bison herd, someone's pet Husky wasn't on a leash and charged after a bison causing the bison to have to get defensive and go after the dog. This is a prime example of why your pets should be secured or left at home.

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