One of two things have been happening this year at our Wyoming national parks. Either tourists are getting smarter and have learned to leave the wildlife alone or they are at least getting smart enough to not get caught doing it on camera.

In a new video posted to YouTube by viral video sharing channel, ViralHog, a family of bears was captured emerging from the forrest. Considering this took place in the Grand Teton National Park back on May 28th, 2021, it is most likely Grizzly 399 and her four cubs, which from the looks of things, are getting to be pretty large themselves.

As the huge mama grizzly first makes her appearance out of the woods, you'll notice one of the motorists/tourists smartly rolls up their window.

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The video also included a caption that read:

I’m traveling across the US for 6 months and have been at 33 National Parks and drove 30k miles now and keep traveling now.

If it was Grizzly 399, she and her cubs are very used to being filmed and having their picture taken. The bear family are quite famous in the Grand Teton area, having been spotted stopping traffic on several different occasions since awakening from hibernation (like seen here).

The one thing I did noticed in the short video was what appears to be a brave person (or more than likely, a touron), exiting their vehicle. If you watch closely at the top of the video, at about the 7-second mark, you can clearly see from inside the videographer's vehicle on their rearview mirror, the driver of the car behind them exits their car. Hopefully the bears weren't in the mood for a human tourist sandwich.

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