Grizzly 399 is one of Wyoming's most famous bears, if not the most sought after. As tourist season is once again upon the Cowboy State, there have been plenty of photos and videos of the grizzly and her cubs.

This latest video was taken by Chip Burgess, a hunter that was in the Grand Tetons over the weekend. He shared the awesome video along with a caption that read:

Hunted Rockefeller Parkway this morning and was treated to this on the way back through Grand Teton. Front row seats. With a great YEM soundtrack
#399 #grizzly #grizzly399

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Since Grizzly 399 awoke from hibernation approximately three weeks ago, she and her cubs have been photographed and videoed quite often around the Grand Tetons. Last week her cute, little cubs were seen "pole dancing".

The bear family has already had many tourists coming into to the area in the hopes of catching a glance. Considering how often they have been seen so far, the chances are pretty great. We just hope the tourist (and residents alike) remember to watch from a safe distance.

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